The Banquets in the cafe «Two palms»

Банкетный зал для свадьбы в АдлереWhere to organize a wedding Banquet in Sochi? This question is often asked by locals and guests of the resort, dreaming to celebrate the celebration in a luxurious and festive atmosphere of one of the warmest and most hospitable cities in Russia. The organization of the wedding Banquet will be held at the highest level, if you prefer the cafe «Two palms» («Dve Palmy»).

Banquets in Sochi: in the «Two Palms» more fun, interesting, cheaper!

Make your choice of dress and costume of the bride, outfits for the anniversary (if the Banquet room in Adler you need for the anniversary celebration), making the scenario of the event and finding a master of ceremonies, you should proceed to the choice of venue for the Banquet. From your choice depends largely on how memorable and vivid your event will be. Preferring "Two palm trees" - a Banquet hall in Adler, you can be 100% sure that the event will be held at the highest level and will be worthy to talk about it later days, weeks, months…

Why is it necessary to entrust the Banquet to the staff of «Two palms»?

  • Good location. Cafe «Two Palms» is located in the Adler district of Sochi, near the Sochi Olympic park, just a three-minute walk to the sea. Close to the promenade and the sea, firstly, will allow to make good pictures at the event, and, secondly, to discover during a holiday a lot of opportunities for entertainment in the form of Cycling and pedal boats, bananas and jet skis. With us, you can spend a holiday non-banal!
  • Modern and original interiors. Rent our Banquet hall for weddings, you prefer beautiful interiors, home simple and at the same time cozy design. Cafe «Two palms» («Dve Palmy») is a completely wooden structure decorated with exotic trees growing here, a cozy veranda and an interior made of absolutely natural and environmentally safe wood. Banquets in Sochi - the scope of many local restaurants and cafes. We will provide you with an atmosphere of tranquility, peace and comfort.
  • Live music. Festive events are always live music, including a wide song repertoire. You may prefer the old or modern popular hits domestic and foreign music, the original performance of the Caucasian songs. High quality sound, only professional equipment - not every Banquet hall for weddings is able to offer you this. And we are able!
  • Favorable prices for the Banquet. Do you still think This is an expensive pleasure for you? Cafe «Two palms» is an affordable price level for your event! Contact us now to see for yourself.