Cafe «Two Palms» - where to eat deliciously

Resting on the Adler beach, are you hungry? That means we need to find a place where you can eat out! However, why look for such a place – immediately head to the wonderful cafe «Two palms», which is a three-minute walk from the beach.

Here you will be fed tasty, and inexpensive!

Great lunch at a tasty price

Где покушать вкусный хачапури

Residents and guests of Adler, often vacationers in the area of the Sochi Olympic Park, know perfectly well where to eat at a budget price. In the cafe «Two Palms» («Dve Palmy»), what could be the options?! During the day, there are prices - as in the dining room, although the interior-as in a cozy restaurant.

Looking into the «Two Palms» («Dve Palmy»), you can stay on the ground floor – there is more romantic, or on the second – it is lighter and Sunny, or in the fresh air. In front of you immediately, the waiter appeared with a menu. Prices will pleasantly surprise!

Please note that the Daily menu is available from 12.00 to 18.00. The prices are such that one immediately wants to order a kebab, and pizza, and a few salads, and... Yes, everything would be ordered, just as it is to eat?!

There are also special dishes from the chef-for gourmets. You will appreciate them!

What can be ordered in «Two palms»?

So, open the menu and choose dishes that will soon appear on your table. Everything is fresh, tasty, incredibly appetizing!

The cafe «Two Palms» will prepare for you::

And to all this will serve drinks that quench your thirst and cheer your heart: coffee, juices, wines... Cafe "Two palms" will be remembered as a place where you can always eat!