History of the cafe «Two palms» («Dve Palmy»)

1996 - opening of the cafe «Two palms» («Dve Palmy»).

2005 - in a cafe there is live music.

2006 - waiters appeared in the cafe.

2013 - reconstruction of the cafe before the Olympics-2014.

2014 - сafe «Two palms» («Dve Palmy») during the 2014 Olympics hosted many guests, including foreign ones, mainly from England, Italy and Spain. They were satisfied with the cuisine and service.

2014 - mayor of the city Pakhomov Anatoly Nikolaevich presented gratitude to the cafe «Two palms» («Dve Palmy») for good work during the Olympics-2014.

2015 - the first New Year party was successfully held.

2016 - in the cafe «Two palms» («Dve Palmy») appeared a large summer terrace.