«Two Palms» knows where to celebrate your Birthday

Где отметить День Рождения - кафе «Две пальмы»To celebrate a birthday or any other holiday worthily, you only need to place an order in the cafe «Two Palms». Polite and qualified staff, live music and a luxurious menu will allow you to feel the peculiarity of the moment. In the halls of the cafe there is an unforgettable atmosphere that feels every person.

Where to celebrate your birthday?

Do you know where to celebrate your birthday? Cafe «Two Palms» offers a unique program of celebration. The client can choose the menu, Express their wishes on the design of the hall and make a musical program. Where to celebrate a birthday, if not in Sochi? Sochi will give the birthday impressions, which are difficult to achieve, celebrating the holiday in an ordinary restaurant. Near the cafe there is the necessary infrastructure, including water equipment rental. Birthday will be able to celebrate to the fullest.

Cafe for the anniversary

Choosing a cafe for the anniversary, birthday wants to find something special. Most people celebrate solemn dates in the family circle or in ordinary restaurants. 

Кафе для юбилея «Две пальмы»

Cafe for the anniversary «Two Palms» («Dve Palmy») for the anniversary is to find something more spectacular. Cafe in Sochi is ideal for this. In halls of an institution there is that special atmosphere which is remembered for many years.

A great selection of cafes for the anniversary - «Two Palms» («Dve Palmy») because we've got a birthday can receive a full range of services. If you want to spend time near the beach, rent catamarans and other equipment nearby, as well as walk and explore the local beauty. Sochi is a good place to celebrate the holiday in the open air. «Two Palms» («Dve Palmy») - a cafe, which has both an outdoor and indoor area.


Cafe for any holidays

«Two Palms - a cafe for celebrations of any scale. Here you can relax with a group of friends, celebrate a corporate party, celebrate a wedding. The restaurant offers a varied musical program, dishes of Caucasian and Russian cuisine, as well as any other dishes from the Menu on request. Guests can listen to both calm and incendiary live music