«Two palms» («Dve Palmy») - Adler summer cafe (Sovkhoz Russia, Sochi Olympic Park)

Often the choice of summer cafe depends not only the taste of your lunches and dinners, but also the quality of your rest. What should be a summer cafe in the city of Sochi to meet all your needs? The answer to this question knows the staff of the cafe «Two palms» («Dve Palmy») - the famous cafe in Adler.

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«Two palm trees» («Dve Palmy») - cafe a stone's throw from the sea

More than 20 years ago, in 1996, were opened «Two Palms» («Dve Palmy») - a cafe in the Sovkhoz Rossiya. In 2013, shortly before the Sochi Olympics, the cafe was renovated and ceased to be exclusively summer. This allowed people to visit the it at any time of the year: a cozy and homely atmosphere and an indoor second floor have this. However, this is not the only advantages of our cafe in the city of Sochi – there are many others, for example:

The variety of entertainment

In the cafe «Two Palms» («Dve Palmy») you can not only have a delicious lunch, diner or have an unforgettable Banquet: the proximity of the cafe to the sea and the promenade opens up a variety of opportunities – swimming in the sea, Cycling, catamarans and scooters. In the immediate vicinity there are 24-hour shops, a 5-minute drive Olympic Park with its entertainment and sports facilities of the Olympic games in Sochi 2014 and Formula 1.

A really delicious food

Dishes of local cuisine are prepared under the strict supervision of the chef. The infrastructure of the cafe includes two local wine halls, which sell certified and licensed, and most importantly - real wines of the Kuban. Not every cafe in Sochi will offer you such a great choice!

Only the best conditions for relaxing at the table

In our cafe in Sochi you will find live music, professional performance of modern and old hits and Caucasian songs, as well as LCD TVs, air conditioners to create a comfortable microclimate at any time of the year, a high level of service and decent service. It offers our guests-free Wi-Fi Internet. Our cafe is open daily from 11 am to 1.30 am and is a cozy place for your holiday.

The opportunity to relax and eat in a cafe inexpensive

A variety of local cuisine, even the most original and exotic, in our cafe are sold inexpensively. You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices indicated in the Menu and will become our frequent guest!

Complete and absolute safety

In order to ensure that the rest of the guests of our cafe is not disturbed by anything, our security guards and video surveillance system closely monitor this.

Сafe «Two Palms» («Dve Palmy») always offers a fun and inexpensive rest in Sochi!

Contact information

Phone for booking tables at +7 (938) 48-999-50

Daily cafe «Two Palms» («Dve Palmy») increases the number of positive reviews from visitors...